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DAC International - Serving the avionic needs of airline, military and business aviation for over 30 years.

DAC International, Inc., 6702 McNeil Drive, Austin, Texas 78729 

Phone: 512 331 5323 
Fax: 512 331 4516
E-mail: dacinfo@dacint.com

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News & Events:

 April 3, 2014
DAC Inventory Transfer & Shipping Interruptions
 March 19, 2014
DAC International Secures Another Parts Manufacturer Approval
 March 17, 2014
DAC International Secures Supplemental Type Certificate for an ADS-B Out Solution for the Sikorsky 76 Platform
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Black panel w/gray ICS knobs, no alerting, direct I/P, CST

A711 Audio Control Station with ergonomic front panel All pricing subject to change without notice.

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Accent Lighting

LED Cabin Lighting System

Using multiple lighting suppliers to solve your cabin lighting needs can create problems: color temperatures and brightness levels from different suppliers don't match; multiple power supply, wiring requirements, and unique mounting hardware increase complexity; and ...

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MLX770 2-Way Datalink Transceiver/Installation Kit

Utilizing the 66-satellite Iridium constellation, Avidyne’s exclusive Network Operations Center (NOC) and innovative two-way datalink transmission technology, the MLX770 delivers affordable datalink graphical weather for general aviation operations outside the continental United States (CONUS). Services ...

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Universal Flight management System

The UNS-1Ew features an all-in-one-package design which includes control/display functions and the navigation computer all in a single unit. The system includes a graphics- and video-capable 5-inch diagonal display. The housing depth is approximately 9 ...

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FM Transceiver Air Attack Kit for fixed wing aircraft

FM Transceiver Air Attack Kit for fixed wing aircraft. Designed for the USFS to mount between two front seats of fixed wing aircraft and support operation of (2) TFM-138B's  or (1) TFM-500. Supply can be ...

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Universal Synthetic Vision System

Vision-1® Synthetic Vision System Egocentric 3-D View has received STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) & TSO approval from the FAA on November 8, 2005. The Egocentric 3-D View is designed for PFD and EADI applications. The ...

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OAT Probe


The 681201-1 OAT PROBE ASSEMBLY will provide very accurate measurements of Outside Air Temperature (OAT) for inputs to the Air Data Computer and other airborne systems. The OAT Probe Assembly P/N 681201-1 produces an output ...

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ATC-550 Antenna Tuner Controller install kit.

ATC-550 Antenna Tuner Controller install kit. All pricing is subject to change without notice.

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