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Aircell SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU)

Model: SwiftBroadband

Manufacturer: Aircell, Inc. [Quote sheet below]

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Product Description

Aircell’s SwiftBroadband product is a satellite-based solution that allows you to use your laptop, PDA or SmartPhone to securely log on to your corporate network, transfer data and send/receive e-mail. You can also use it to surf the Internet or simply place phone calls. SwiftBroadband is Inmarsat’s next generation aeronautical service designed to deliver global inflight voice and data connectivity. Powered by Thrane & Thrane, Aircell’s SwiftBroadband product gives you access to virtually everything you have in your home office, even as you are cruising miles above it, in places far away from home.

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Quote Sheet

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P/N   Name List   
405040A [1] Aircell SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU) $32,500.00
405040A-001 Aircell SBU Configuration Module $1,000.00
403002-001 SATCOM Low Gain Antenna $3,000.00
405001A [2] Aircell SATCOM Intermediate Gane Antenna 9TT-5001, Phased Array) $25,000.00
405040A-002 [3] AirCell Router Option (part of CM) $1,500.00
405040A-006 Aviator 350 Key (HGA/GA) $20,000.00
405006A-PMA [4] Aircell SATCOM Intermediate Gain Antenna $22,000.00
405016A Aircell High Power Amp/Low Noise Amp/Diplexer $12,500.00
405040A-008 Aviator 200 Key (LGA) $3,000.00
405019A TT-5019A Iridium Filter $8,000.00

Product notes

[1] ECS and Emteq can supply the mounting trays and mating connectors. The respective part numbers are specified in the installation manual.
[2] Available March 2014
[3] 405040A-002 is delivered as hardcopies of the activatino code(s). These codes are tied to the configuration module serial number and IMSI number so they cannot be reused. They can only be used for one configuration module. The activation status of the different options can be determined via the web interface; The status of these options are NOT identified on any part markings. The router is required for all configuration except where the AirCell SBB system is used for "data only with the CTR."
[4] ECS and Emteq can supply the adapter plates. The official antenna part number is 677-A0002 but the antenna will also be marked with Thrane's product name (ie., TT-5006A) and Thrane's part number (i.e. 405006A-PMA).
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