DAC International, Inc.
6702 McNeil Drive
Austin, TX 78729
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DAC International - Serving the avionic needs of airline, military and business aviation for over 30 years.

DAC International, Inc., 6702 McNeil Drive, Austin, Texas 78729 

Phone: 512 331 5323 
Fax: 512 331 4516
E-mail: dacinfo@dacint.com

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History of DAC International

Since its founding in 1981, DAC International has expanded its OEM relationships, customer base, and overall capabilities. Today providing products from two distinct sources; distribution and manufacturing (DAC Engineering and Certification Division).

DAC’s reputation as a dependable, dedicated and accessible team of savvy technical experts has not changed and remains its trademark of excellence.

With a diversified sales footprint, sales in over 60 countries and worldwide employees in overseas/regional offices DAC continues to grow. FCPA Compliance, ITAR & Export License expertise, and International Tradeshow participation assures our OEM Partners of Worldwide sales. In addition our sales team are Multicultural and Multilingual and offer International business expertise.

As part of the growth at DAC International, a in-house capability for avionics design and system integration design was added. This capability provides DAC with an FAA approved manufacturing facility, on-staff DER and an ability to design avionics systems to suit our customers’ requirements.


  • Headquarters located in Austin, Texas with offices across the world.
  • Dependable, accessible, savvy and committed to quality and our customers’ requirements.
  • Specialized in providing integrated system solutions within complex cockpit environments.


  • Austin, Texas
  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • The Netherlands
  • Weissenhorn, Germany
  • Bangkok,Thailand

 Avionics OEM Alliances

  • GoGo Business Aviation, Avidyne, FreeFlight Systems, Heads Up Technologies, Northrop Grumman Litef GmbH, Technisonic, Teledyne Controls, Genesys Aerosystems, SkyTrac and Ingenio.
  • DAC International manufactured products include the Gen-X EFB, GDC-64 tablet interface unit and data converters.

Test Equipment Manufacturer Distributorships

  • Aero Express
  • Aeroflex Wichita
  • Amptec Research
  • Audio Authority
  • DMA-Aero Division


  • Avionics and system integration design
  • Avionics DER on staff


  • FAA certified manufacturing process
  • FAA approved products
  • PMA certified products
  • TSO approved products
  • Certified design processes (software & hardware)

About DAC International
DAC International offers a wide range of avionics upgrade solutions for regional and major airlines, military and general and corporate aircraft, as well as MROs and OEMs worldwide. DAC uses certified solutions, including navigational, communications and display systems to help the aviation community meet new standards, as well as replacing of older systems. They offer a wide range of test equipment, including RVSM, ARINC 615(A) portable data loaders and other Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and a whole range of in-house built data converters. Additionally, they sell new-generation EFB and adapter units, such as the GDC-64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit for iPads, plus they can supply complete integration kits with FAA or EASA STC for several types of aircraft. For more information, go to

About Greenwich AeroGroup
Greenwich AeroGroup, Inc., owns and operates providers of general, commercial, government and military aviation services including: maintenance, avionics and interior refurbishments; fixed base operations; aircraft sales, charter and management; manufacturing and engineering; component repair and overhaul; parts distribution and financial services. Current locations include: Aero Precision Industries, located in Livermore, Calif.; DAC International, Inc., located in Austin, Texas; Professional Aviation Associates, Inc., located in Atlanta, Ga.; NASAM, located in South San Francisco, Calif.; Summit Aviation, located in Middletown, Del.; TruAtlantic Mfg., located in Kernersville, N.C.; and Western Aircraft, located in Boise, Idaho. Additionally, Greenwich AeroGroup owns an interest in Helivia Aero Taxi located in Rio de Janerio. News and information are available at